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36″ x  72″

3 Panel Series of Ponte Vedra, FL

oil paint, acrylic & pastel


Ponte Vedra, FL beach painting




All my fellow artists will understand what I’m about to say:  Oil paint is a hassle.  You can’t just dip your paintbrush in water, swish it around a canvas for 20 minutes then bam! it’s a masterpiece.  No, no.  There is a process that must be followed. It’s very complicated and any mistakes will have serious consequences.  If you don’t walk out of the art supply store knowing FOR A FACT that you just over drafted on ointments, then you’re not following the process. Okay,  I’m done talking about this.

5 ft x 3 ft

3 ft x 1.5 ft


Recently, I bought a book called Pop Art Book and became obsessed with 1960’s pop art.  The bold colors and repetitive patterns of the era influenced this series.

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